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Paychecks Returned To NY As Restitution

Most people enjoy watching a youtube video as a break from work every now and then; however, two New Yorkers took the slacking attitude to the extreme when they were "operating a drug-dealing operation" while they were on the clock. Their  advised them on pleading guilty to the charges.

The New York Times reports that the two men worked for the state as night workers of the state's Office of General Services. The men were believed to be selling marijuana and cocaine from their self-named "man cave."

They were charged with a number of crimes from larceny to defrauding the government. One of the interesting things about this case is that the men were required to pay restitution, but not to a person claiming personal injury: the state.

Both men will have to pay a total of over $3,500 to New York for the time that they were neglecting their duties by "napping, selling drugs and watching television" when they claimed they were working.  

This is important because if you are claiming that you are working, and it is discovered that you were doing anything but your job, you might lose your job and be forced to give them back your paychecks. Technically, you've breached your work contract, so why should you get to be paid for a job that you didn't do?

In economically tough times like these, the idea that an employer can take back your money is a very scary thought.

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