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Woman Who Cried Rape: Crime of Perjury

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The woman who lied about being a rape victim five years ago, will be charged with perjury. As discussed before William McCaffery was charged with the rape and was in prison for 4 years before Biurny Peguero confessed that she made it all up.

CBS 2 News reports that the mother of two first confessed to her priest, then she told the district attorney. For a while, it wasn't clear whether she would be charged. Her criminal defense attorney may have been hoping, along with Peguero, that they would be lenient on her for confessing.

The charge of perjury is very serious. Perjury is seen as a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the severity of the lie. 

A person who is convicted of the felony of perjury could face seven years in prison and deportation. Even though she is a legal resident and has been for the past 13 years, she can be deported if she is convicted of a felony. Since she is not originally from this country, she would be deported to the Dominican Republic if she is found guilty.  

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