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Razzle Dazzle: NYPD Cop 'Fake' Marries Brothel Madam

Count on New York to give us sensational crime stories such as this one.

It makes you feel like all New York criminal defense attorneys are Billy Flynn. "Just give'em the old, razzle-dazzle." (For those of you who don't know the reference, it's to the Broadway musical, Chicago).

An NYPD auxiliary officer was accused earlier last week of being the hired goon for a Brooklyn brothel. Levy Sharon has been accused of ferrying prostitutes to casinos and even making death threats against an alleged snitch.

And to top off the sensational accusations against this NYPD officer, he had also allegedly married the brothel's madam so that she could get a green card.

As an auxiliary cop, it's important to note that Levy Sharon was not being paid. Rather, he was a volunteer police officer for the NYPD. What's somewhat shocking is that Sharon used his NYPD uniform to intimidate people, according to the court papers.

While he was an auxiliary officer, he was collecting protection money from the house madam, Ozada Djalivova. He was a regular fixture at the brothel, located on Ocean Ave., where he would appear in his NYPD uniform and check the immigration papers of the prostitutes in an apparent ploy to instill fear of deportation in them.

Ozada Djalivova, the alleged house madam, is from Uzbekistan and had allegedly married Sharon in a sham marriage, paying him $30,000 back in 2008.

The brothel came to light earlier this year when it was robbed. At that time, Ozada Djalivova admitted openly that she was running a prostitution house.

Patrons were solicited from craigslist.

At this stage, Levy Sharon is playing the indigent card, claiming that he is too broke to afford a New York criminal defense lawyer. As a result, he has asked for a court-appointed NY criminal defense attorney.

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