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Drug Allegations of Kirsten Dunst Arise During Burglary Trial

There may be an uglier side of America's comic book heroine sweetheart it seems. Nasty drug allegations of Kirsten Dunst came out during a trial about an alleged burglary of her hotel room which she shared with Simon Pegg at the SoHo Grand during August 2007. The New York Daily News reports that the burglary suspect's New York criminal defense attorney is claiming that his client was invited to Kirsten Dunst's hotel room along with a drug dealer.

The New York criminal defense lawyer Robert Parker claims that his client James Jimenez and notorious drug dealer Jarrod Beinerman had permission to enter the hotel room. He is quoted by The New York Daily News as saying, "Beinerman is a major New York drug dealer. [He] obviously had permission to be there."

Jeffrey Conroy Gets The Maximum Sentence for Hate Crime Death

Jeffrey Conroy, a teenager charged with the hate crime death of Marcelo Lucero, was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 25 years in prison, CBS reports. The Suffolk County judge who presided over the case said that the amount of evidence was the reason for the sentencing. CBS News quotes the judge as saying, "[T]he proof was overwhelming."

As we wrote about previously in this blog, Jeffrey Conroy and his six friends were looking for a dark skinned victim to attack. Unfortunately for Marcelo Lucero, the group of boys targeted him for the attack back in November 2008. The group of boys taunted, beat and stabbed the Ecuadorian dry cleaner to death. While the rest of the boys pled guilty to first degree gang assault, Jeffrey Conroy pled not guilty and relied on his New York criminal defense attorney to go to trial.  

Mary Richardson Kennedy Gets DWI

RFK Jr.'s wife was busted last week for drunk driving.

Mary Richardson Kennedy, the wife of Robert F. Kennedy, was caught red-handed as her Volvo jumped a curb, right in front of a police officer, according to reports.

The incident occurred outside a church in Bedford, Westchester County, where Mary Richardson Kennedy claimed she was picking up people from a Saturday carnival.

Steve Mandala Laughs His Way To Jail

Steve Mandala couldn't keep a straight face as he was whisked off to prison.

I wonder if his New York criminal defense lawyers were as amused as he was.

Steve Mandala, 29, apparently found his criminal charges extremely amusing. As he pleaded guilty to felony grand larceny and identity theft, he smirked before the judge.

Ex-Mobster Michael Finnerty Pleads For Lenient Sentence

Here's a mobster's tale of redemption.

But will it help his New York criminal defense lawyer convince the judge to grant him leniency?

Michael Finnerty was a Gotti man. He was a mobster. Twenty year ago, he allegedly ran with the likes of notorious mobster, John Gotti.

Death Penalty for Mob Boss Too Expensive, Judge Says

Vinny Gorgeous is getting cut some slack. He may not face the death penalty, after all.  

If you follow the ongoings of the New York underworld, then you know I'm not referring to a handsome model or actor.

Devi Silvia Dominic Charged in Botched Murder-Suicide

Here's an update in a case that New York criminal defense attorneys will likely be following.

A 33-year old woman was charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child after an alleged suicide attempt.

The woman, Devi Silvia Dominic of Upper West Side, was strolling with her eighteen month old daughter on the pier at West 70th Street when she apparently threw herself into the water, after throwing her daughter, Jessica Catherine Prithiviraj, into the water.

Woman, Toddler, Rescued from Hudson River in Apparent Murder-Suicide

A woman was plucked from the Hudson River on Tuesday, after sources claim she jumped in to the water.

The incident is being investigated as a murder-suicide. The woman allegedly jumped in with her toddler.

Update: Lawrence Taylor Charges Filed

This just in: The press conference is over and former NFL MVP Lawrence Taylor has been charged with raping a teenage Bronx girl.

We covered the story yesterday in our blog, but now, new details are emerging.

Taylor's New York criminal defense attorney appeared at his arraignment, making the argument that Taylor posed no flight risk.

NFL Great Lawrence Taylor Arrested on Rape Suspicion

One time NFL Most Valuable Player Lawrence Taylor, 51, has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

There is no word yet as to whether Lawrence Taylor has retained a New York criminal defense attorney and a news conference has been scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

New York Ranks No.2 for Mortgage Fraud

If crimes could be measured in terms of "what's hot and what's not", then mortgage fraud would be the hot new crime for New York criminal defense attorneys.

Indeed, it should be. New York ranks number two in the nation among states where mortgage fraud hit hardest, according to a recent study.

But as a crime, what is it and where does it fall? It isn't quite a victimless crime, the way so many financial crimes usually are (well, relatively speaking). It's a crime that has victims and that leaves its victims in a state of hopelessness.

It's a form of larceny, loosely speaking.