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Update: Lawrence Taylor Charges Filed

This just in: The press conference is over and former NFL MVP Lawrence Taylor has been charged with raping a teenage Bronx girl.

We covered the story yesterday in our blog, but now, new details are emerging.

Taylor's New York criminal defense attorney appeared at his arraignment, making the argument that Taylor posed no flight risk.

The judge was not in agreement with the New York criminal defense lawyer and as a result, set bail at $75,000.

As details of the incident emerged, it appeared that the teenage girl was brought to Lawrence Taylor's hotel room against her will by a supposed pimp, Rasheed Davis, 36.  

Lawrence Taylor was bailed out by Ira Judelson, who has famously bailed out other celebrities including Lil'Wayne and David Letterman's blackmailer, Joe Halderman.

The victim was allegedly a runaway who had been living with Rasheed Davis since March. Davis allegedly took the young girl to Taylor's hotel room and forced her to have sexual intercourse with "a special client." The girl remembered the hotel and room number, texting the information to her uncle, Louis Rodriguez, according to sources.

Lawrence Taylor hired a notable New York criminal defense attorney. But interestingly, this was not the first New York criminal defense lawyer he spoke to after his arrest. The first attorney to communicate with Taylor was actually the notorious New York criminal defense lawyer Kenneth Gribetz, who had allegedly resigned as Rockland County DA in 1995 after details emerged of his own extra-marital affair.

Taylor is due back in court on June 10.

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