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Suzanne Porcelli Pleads Guilty for Aiding in Prostitution Ring

Suzanne Porcelli pleaded guilty in Manhattan Federal Court after being accused of helping the mob sell young girls into prostitution. According to the New York Daily News, the Gambino Madam was brought to court earlier this year with fourteen other members of the Gambino crime gang, including Daniel Marino, her current boss. Porcelli was sentenced with up to two years in jail.

Sources claim forty-year-old Suzanne Porcelli became a madam after her husband was murdered. As part of the mob, Porcelli said she was responsible for answering telephone calls and making appointments for customers. The Gambino Madam admitted she "knowingly aided" and organized transportation for individuals to take part in prostitution, which she "knew was unlawful." 

A New York police officer said one of the girls Porcelli pimped out from the strip clubs was a fifteen year-old runaway who looked even younger than her actual age. While Suzanne Porcelli set up the appointments, Gambino man Thomas Orefice and his crew would drop off the young women to public restrooms in New York and New Jersey. Orefice and Porcelli would keep half of the $200-per-session payments for the Gambino family.

New York criminal defense lawyer Vincent Romano claimed his client only had a minor role in pimping out the girls. He says Porcelli did no more than answer a cell phone for the Gambino crew for three weeks, explaining that his client's tasks were "only clerical in nature." Suzanne Porcelli has no previous criminal record and is expected to be sentenced early next year.

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