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John Caccavale Arrested After Trying To Outrun Cops

New York police officials chased after Staten Island local John Caccavale, 48, after he tried to outrun them in his city-owned vehicle, reported the New York Daily News. Law enforcement officers caught Caccavale, a water and sewer operations manager for the Department of Environmental Protection, sitting in his Toyota Prius and allegedly "beckoning" several prostitutes in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

Cops said Caccavale had been lingering around the area where a group of transvestite prostitutes, known as "The Bus Stop Boys," often waited for customers. These prostitutes often gathered at bus stops to avoid any potential loitering charges. Caccavale immediately sped away from the scene once police started approaching his car, but the police were just as quick in capturing him at West and Rector Streets.

Sources said no prostitutes were arrested in the wake of Caccavale's apprehension. They also claimed Caccavale did not have any business-related reasons for being in that part of Manhattan. DEP spokesperson Farrell Sklerov said the department suspended the 21-year agency veteran without pay as authorities continue to investigate the case.

Police accused Caccavale of misdemeanor charges related to loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution and expect to see him in court in February. He faces 90 days behind bars if convicted. It has not been determined whether Caccavale has found an NY criminal defense lawyer to represent him, but he will need one to understand the available legal options he has in this case.

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