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Whalesca Castillo Charged For Illegal Silicone Injections

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Authorities arrested Whalesca Castillo, 36, and charged the Bronx local with giving customers illegal liquid silicone injections, according to the New York Daily News. U.S Attorney Preet Bharara said Castillo's efforts "to make a quick buck" ended up jeopardizing the health of many "unsuspecting women" in New York.

"In her thirst for profit, she put lives in peril," said Janice Fedarcyk from New York FBI.

The case landed in Manhattan’s Federal Court. One woman who was mentioned in the criminal complaint stated she experienced “a lot of pain” and could not “sit up straight” after she received the silicone injections from Castillo. The complaint further said the victim had shortness of breath when she woke up one evening and fainted when she attempted to get out of bed.

The victim later called Castillo but was immediately advised to avoid going to the hospital after Castillo allegedly told her that the “procedure was illegal.”

It remains unclear whether Whalesca Castillo was found an NY criminal defense lawyer to represent her, but she will definitely have to consider receiving legal counsel to understand her rights and legal options that are available to her in this case. Castillo could potentially face criminal penalties including serving time in jail and paying a fine if she is convicted of felony charges.

To learn more about the criminal law process in New York, speak to a skilled NY criminal defense lawyer who can provide you with proper legal guidance. Feel free to also visit the Related Resources links below for general information.

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