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Bronx Football Star Isayah Muller Murdered After Graduation

Truman High School star running back Isayah Muller was stabbed to death in a brawl shortly after graduation.

According to ESPN, Muller and his family returned to their car following graduation ceremonies from the Bronx high school. As they drove off, Muller's father noticed that an expensive bottle of cologne that he had given to his son was missing from the car. So, the father turned the car around to confront the two parking lot workers who attended to the car.

The argument over cologne quickly got out of control as Muller's father allegedly attacked the parking lot workers with a shovel, hospitalizing one attendant reports ESPN. Isayah Muller is also believed to have participated in the attack.

The other attendant then allegedly armed himself with a knife and stabbed Isayah Muller twice, delivering the fatal blow through his heart.

Police are still investigating the incident, but so far Muller's father is the only person charged with a crime. He faces assault charges as he is alleged to be the aggressor in the attack. There is no word on whether either of the parking lot workers will be charged.

One reason that criminal charges have not yet been filed against either parking lot worker may be that prosecutors are looking into whether they were acting in self-defense when they killed Muller.

Generally, self-defense can act as a defense to murder if the actions were taken to save one's own life. To prove self-defense, one would usually have to show that he was not at fault, neither the aggressor nor instigator, and that he had a reasonable fear of serious injury or death prior to the killing.

Whether murder charges are made against the parking lot workers who killed Isayah Muller will likely depend upon whether the police and D.A. conclude the workers acted in self-defense.

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