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Ex-Met Lenny Dykstra Stays in Jail, Fails to Get Bail Reduced

Former New York Met Lenny Dykstra will remain in jail after a judge refused to reduce his $500,000 bail. Noting that the amount of bail was fair, the judge said that Dykstra will remain in jail unless he can raise 10% of the amount in cash or provide medical documentation for a newly raised mystery medical issue that would apparently require Dykstra to not be in jail reports the New York Daily News.

According to the Daily News, the 48-year old Dykstra is awaiting arraignment on grand theft auto and felony drug possession charges. Dykstra was arrested with two other men in April in connection to an auto leasing scheme where they allegedly defrauded car dealerships by using phony information to lease cars. At the time of arrest, Dykstra is said to have been in possession of cocaine, Ecstasy, and human growth hormone, thus the drug charges.

While Lenny Dykstra appealed to several high-profile friends to bail him out, including Charlie Sheen, none of them came through. Movie producer Jonathan Heap reportedly even offered his house as collateral, but the judge refused reports the Daily News. Now Dykstra’s assistant is said to be considering a three-city benefit to raise the bail money.

While the amount of bail may seem high at $500,000, the judge felt that this amount was necessary to ensure Dykstra’s appearance at trial. Bail is not a punishment or fine, and a judge usually determines the bail amount based on flight risk, amoung other things.

As Lenny Dykstra also faces separate charges involving bankruptcy fraud and stripping the mansion he bought from Wayne Gretzky, the judge clearly felt that $500,000 bail would ensure Dykstra’s appearance in court.

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