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Four Murdered at Long Island's Haven Pharmacy

Four people were murdered during an apparent drug robbery at Haven Pharmacy in Medford, Long Island. According to the New York Post, the murders occurred on Father’s Day morning shortly after the pharmacy opened. The killer, an apparent drug addict, walked into the store and killed two store employees and two customers who happened to walk into the store as the crime was being committed.

Haven Pharmacy’s security cameras caught the entire gruesome scene. The killer, a man who has not yet been apprehended, was shown walking into the store and immediately shot two employees at close range reports the Post. The victims offered no resistance and did not appear to provoke the robber in any way.

Minutes later, two customers walk into the pharmacy and again they are gunned down at close range without warning. The killer did not say anything before murdering any of the victims reports the Post.

After murdering the four victims, the killer is shown stuffing oxycodone into a backpack before fleeing the scene. Police have begun a massive manhunt for the killer, though no one has been apprehended.

Once apprehended, the killer will face New York's harshest penalties. However, it is unlikely that the killer will face the same end he doled out to his victims -- death.

New York does have a capital punishment law, but there is currently a legislative fight over whether the law will ever be used. The state has not executed anyone since 1963, and the courts have placed a hold on all executions. Governor David Patterson has even removed the state's execution equipment.

But when police catch the drug-addict killer, lawmakers may revitalize their debate on the use of capital punishment. This is especially true given the brutality and senselessness of the murders at Long Island's Haven Pharmacy.

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