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Dharun Ravi's Role in Tyler Clementi's Suicide

Last September, Tyler Clementi jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge. Most tied his suicide to his roommate, Dharun Ravi, broadcasting Clementi having a gay encounter with another man in their dorm room.

But as details of Clementi's life emerges, the connection between the suicide and Ravi's invasion of privacy seems less clear, reports The New York Times.

Previously, Clementi was painted to be a shy awkward young man dealing with his own sexuality. The media portrayed his suicide as the desperate act of a young man who didn't know what to do with himself after Ravi put on the Internet his tryst with another man.

However, in court documents, Clementi is starting to emerge as a young man who was okay with, or at least indifferent to, what others thought of his sexuality, reports the Times. Instead, the only anxiety Clementi seemed to harbor of his sexuality was what his mother may have thought.

Media coverage had linked Clementi's suicide to the spying and the court of public opinion has already found Ravi guilty of Clementi's death. However, Ravi was never charged in relation to Clementi's death and why Clementi chose to jump off the bridge remains a mystery, reports the Times.

Dharun Ravi faces invasion of privacy and intimidation charges and his case has made national headlines largely due to Tyler Clementi's suicide. However, Ravi is not being blamed for Clementi's death and the fact that the Rutgers student chose to jump off a bridge may prevent Ravi from getting a fair shake for the charges he faces.

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