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Mom in School Fight May Lose Child

The mom in school fight reportedly may lose her child as the Suffolk County Child Protective Services is investigating the incident for child abuse.

Earlier this week, we wrote that Daphne Melin drove her 12-year-old daughter to a Long Island school yard to fight her classmate. Apparently, the daughter was involved in drama at school over a boy. This caused some 13-year-olds to make comments about Melin's daughter on Facebook and also challenge the daughter to a fight. Fueled by the social media website, several children showed up at the school yard to gawk at the fight.

Unbeknownst to them, the one adult to show up, 32-year-old Daphne Melin, would not only fuel the fight, but she would join in as well, pummeling a 13-year-old girl with kicks to the head and neck. Luckily, the girl was not seriously hurt.

For the kiddie assault, Melin was charged with child endangerment and assault, reports the New York Post. If convicted of the crimes, Melin could go to jail. However, Melin now also faces the possibility of a far greater punishment -- she could lose her child.

A Child Protective Services spokesperson said that anytime a parent drives their child to a fight, the agency will investigate the incident for child abuse, reports the Post. And if the agency should find evidence of abuse, it's conceivable that it could remove the child from the home. Though it should be mentioned that these are usually extreme actions taken in extreme situations.

Daphne Melin might have lost her mind over the weekend. But should the mom in a school fight lose her kid too?

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