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New Assemblyman William Boyland Bribery Charges

Not one month after being acquitted of bribery and corruption, Assemblyman William Boyland is facing a whole new set of bribery charges.

What makes the William Boyland bribery charges so egregious is that he is alleged to have engaged in the illegal activity during his defense of the original bribery charges, reports the New York Post.

Zach Tomaselli; Bernie Fine's Third Accuser Steps Forward

Bernie Fine’s third accuser has stepped forward claiming that the Syracuse assistant basketball coach molested him as a teen in 2002. In an interesting twist, the accuser, Zach Tomaselli, is himself facing criminal sexual assault charges of a minor and those closest to him cast doubt on his story.

Bernie Fine has been accused by two step-brothers -- Bobby Davis and Mike Lang -- who say that Fine sexually abused them when they worked as ball boys in the early 1980s. The newest allegations by the now 23-year-old Tomaselli would have occurred almost 20 years later.

New York Terrorism: Jose Pimentel Arrested for Plots to Kill

New York terrorism averted. Jose Pimental reportedly hated America. So much so that he allegedly plotted to kill NYPD cops and soldiers returning home before being caught over the weekend.

The man called a "lone wolf" was arrested Saturday afternoon only an hour away from finishing a powerful pipe bomb, reports the New York Daily News. Apparently, Pimental was caught while working at a Harlem apartment of a police informant, and was making the bomb through a recipe titled "Open Source Jihad: Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom."

Bernie Fine Sex Abuse; Another Sandusky?

What is going on in this world? Another major university and sports program is now being investigated in connection with a child abuse sex scandal that could involve multiple victims.

Bernie Fine, the long-time Syracuse University assistant basketball coach under Jim Boeheim, is being investigated by Syracuse police for sexual molestation. The Bernie Fine sex abuse scandal could involve several victims.

No Good Samaritan for Good Samaritan in NY Subway Attack

Daniel Endara came to the defense of a woman being harassed on the L-train in Brooklyn. He got a beating for his good intentions while laughing passengers filmed the New York subway attack.

For their actions, the thugs committing the assault likely face criminal charges. Unfortunately, the laughing bystanders probably won’t be punished.

Victor Cruz Birthday Shooting, One Man Dies

A man was killed at a New York City nightclub Monday night when several famous athletes were out celebrating a Giants wide receiver’s birthday.

The Victor Cruz birthday shooting is now the second shooting involving a Giants wide receiver in recent years, reports the New York Post. In 2009, Plaxico Burress famously shot himself in the leg at a nightclub and ended up spending 20 months in jail.

NYPD to Use Decoys to Stop iPhone Thefts

The city of New York has seen a 16 percent increase in subway thefts so far this year. This may due in large part to iPhone thefts and other thefts of small (and expensive) electronic gadgets.

To combat the theft, the NYPD is coming up with innovative ways to nab criminals.

In its newest effort, the NYPD will flood the subway system with decoy police officers, reports the New York Post. These decoys have been trained to act like marks for criminals, perhaps by acting like clueless tourists or passed-out college kids.

Long Island Pharmacy Shooter Gets Max Penalty

In search of drugs, David Laffer went to Haven Drugs in Medford on Father's Day and killed four people execution style to steal some pills.

The Long Island pharmacy shooter pleaded guilty to the four killings in September and he found out that he will be serving the maximum penalty this week, reports the New York Post.

Tappen Zee Bridge Hanging: Mental Health Worker Loses It

A former mental health worker for the Rockland County department of mental health apparently went a bit crazy, hanging himself off the Tappen Zee Bridge in a seeming protest over his firing. The worker, Michael Davitt, was not injured, but his stunt snarled traffic for miles and he now faces a bevy of criminal charges.

The 54-year-old Davitt underwent psychiatric evaluation, and if it is determined that the former mental health worker had mental health issues of his own, he may have an affirmative defense to the crimes he's been charged with.

Subway Groper Caught in Queens

Froylan Andrade was arrested in Queens thanks to the woman he allegedly groped.

The 39-year-old Andrade is accused of molesting 22-year-old Shyane DeJesus on a subway platform in Union Square, reports the New York Post. After the incident, the victim reportedly ran after her assaulter and snapped his picture with her BlackBerry.

Criminal Charges in Failure of MF Global?

Former N.J. governor and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Jon Corzine, saw MF Global as his shot at redemption. Instead, this could be his biggest embarrassment.

The FBI is reportedly set to investigate the MF Global failure. After betting heavily on European debt -- and losing -- the securities firm led by Corzine filed for bankruptcy this week and is looking for potential buyers to save the investment firm, reports The Associated Press.

License Plate Flipping: Truckers Go Hi-Tech to Avoid Paying Tolls

License plate flipping appears to be the new way for toll evaders to avoid paying hefty tolls going to, and coming out of, New York City.

Big rig trucker, Edgar Malin, was recently busted for trying to duck a $65 toll by using an electronic device that flipped his license plate down as he crossed the George Washington Bridge, reports the New York Post. At the touch of a button, his license plate vanished.

Michael Lohan Would Get Arrested On-Sight in NYC

No stranger to the prison system, Michael Lohan should be careful should he ever decide to set foot in New York City, Nassau County, or Suffolk County. Thanks to the Michael Lohan arrest warrant, the (in)famous dad would be arrested on sight should he set foot in any of these places.

The arrest warrant was issued last year over unpaid child support in Suffolk County, reports the New York Post. The warrant was issued in November 2010 after a Montana woman won an uncontested judgment for child support.