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Michael Lohan Would Get Arrested On-Sight in NYC

No stranger to the prison system, Michael Lohan should be careful should he ever decide to set foot in New York City, Nassau County, or Suffolk County. Thanks to the Michael Lohan arrest warrant, the (in)famous dad would be arrested on sight should he set foot in any of these places.

The arrest warrant was issued last year over unpaid child support in Suffolk County, reports the New York Post. The warrant was issued in November 2010 after a Montana woman won an uncontested judgment for child support.

Apparently, the 51-year-old Lohan made the first child support payment to the woman. However, he was late with the second payment and given the outstanding arrest warrant, one could assume that Lohan was late or failed to make subsequent payments.

Generally, a judge signs an arrest warrant giving a police officer the right to legally arrest someone. The arrest warrant is usually made when a judge has enough facts to determine that a crime has been committed.

Despite the warrant, Lohan's arrest in New York seems unlikely. That's because less than 12 hours after being released from a Florida jail for a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend Kate Majors (a different woman than the Montana woman), Lohan was rearrested for making harassing phone calls to Majors, reports the Post.

The Michael Lohan arrest warrant is still outstanding in New York nearly a year after it was issued. Because Lohan is in a Florida jail, it may be sometime before Lohan sees a New York jail.

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