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New York Terrorism: Jose Pimentel Arrested for Plots to Kill

New York terrorism averted. Jose Pimental reportedly hated America. So much so that he allegedly plotted to kill NYPD cops and soldiers returning home before being caught over the weekend.

The man called a "lone wolf" was arrested Saturday afternoon only an hour away from finishing a powerful pipe bomb, reports the New York Daily News. Apparently, Pimental was caught while working at a Harlem apartment of a police informant, and was making the bomb through a recipe titled "Open Source Jihad: Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom."

The 27-year-old alleged terrorist planned to test three finished bombs on mailboxes before eventually using the devices against soldiers returning home, reports the Daily News. Pimentel, an American citizen born in the Dominican Republic, was reportedly motivated by his resentment of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and inspired by al Qaeda propaganda, though Pimentel apparently had no links to an organized al Qaeda cell.

The Daily News says that authorities have been aware of Pimentel since May 2009, when he mouthed off about becoming a martyr and jihad. Pimentel even wanted to change his name to Osama Hussein to celebrate his heroes -- Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

Now Pimentel faces terrorism charges.

Generally, someone is guilty of terrorism if they intend to intimidate or coerce the public by murder. As Pimentel allegedly sought to kill returning troops and police officers, his acts likely fit the bill.

If convicted, Pimentel should be aware that the punishment for terrorism is treated more severely than other crimes. For example, a crime normally considered a class C felony will probably be considered a class B felony for terrorism. A class B felony offense, will be considered an A-1 felony, and so forth.

Jose Pimentel allegedly hated America and wanted to kill the people trusted with keeping the country safe. For his alleged actions, he faces prosecution under New York terrorism laws.

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