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Subway Groper Caught in Queens

Froylan Andrade was arrested in Queens thanks to the woman he allegedly groped.

The 39-year-old Andrade is accused of molesting 22-year-old Shyane DeJesus on a subway platform in Union Square, reports the New York Post. After the incident, the victim reportedly ran after her assaulter and snapped his picture with her BlackBerry.

DeJesus turned the picture over to the cops and with the help of an anonymous tip, police arrested the accused groper in an Elmhurst, Queens apartment, reports the Post.

Andrade now faces sex abuse charges and could face prison time.

In New York, there are generally two sex abuse crimes -- sex abuse and aggravated sex abuse. Someone is charged with sex abuse if that person engages in illegal "sexual contact." This just means touching of the private parts of another person without the consent of that person. Sexual abuse is usually considered a misdemeanor, though if the victim is a child the perpetrator could face felony charges.

On the other hand, someone is charged with aggravated sexual abuse if there is sexual contact that has sexual penetration. Aggravated sexual abuse is always considered a felony.

Along with the two broad categories of sex abuse and aggravated sexual abuse crimes, there are also varying degrees of charges that depend upon factors like the age of the victim or the amount of force used. This can impact the penalty that a defendant faces.

Froylan Andrade, the alleged subway groper, was arrested in Queens for molesting college student Shyane DeJesus. For the crime, Andrade likely faces misdemeanor sexual abuse charges.

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