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Top Manhattan Principal Darlene Miller Busted for DUI

Darlene Miller, principal of the NYC Museum School in Chelsea, is facing drunk driving charges after allegedly plowing her Hyundai into a stopped police cruiser.

The principal of the top-performing high school reportedly just missed hitting a cop, who had pulled over to stop another vehicle in Rockland County, says the New York Post. After her arrest, Miller refused to submit to a blood alcohol test and she now faces a court hearing on January 9.

Tribeca Office Robbery Leaves Worker with Broken Jaw

This Tribeca office robbery isn't the typical worker injury case that a New York City workers' compensation lawyer hears. Usually, workers get injured by typing on their keyboards too long or having bad posture while sitting.

But for one 23-year-old office worker, worker's compensation injuries involve being attacked in the middle of the day by a knife-wielding thug and suffering a broken jaw, reports the New York Post.

Nancy Silberkleit Acts the Jughead

Nancy Silberkleit, co-CEO of Archie Comics, is allegedly such an awful boss that she could go to jail.

In a lawsuit filed by her own company, the 57-year-old CEO is accused of threatening and berating her employees, reports the New York Post. And after a judge ordered her to stop the harassment, Silberkleit could wind up in jail for reportedly ignoring the order and continuing her antics.

Asian Military Death is Manslaughter?

In a set of facts that can make any New York City employment law lawyer cringe, an Asian-American employee was taunted so badly at his workplace for his race, that he is believed to have turned a gun on himself, committing suicide.

What happened to Danny Chen did not happen just at any workplace. It happened in the U.S. military. Now eight soldiers can face manslaughter charges for their roles in the Asian military death, reports the New York Post.

Cameron Douglas Sentenced to Another 4 1/2 Years

Even his father’s ability to hire the most expensive NYC attorney won’t help him now. Cameron Douglas, the son of Hollywood icon Michael Douglas, will now be spending almost a decade in jail.

On top of his earlier five year prison sentence for drug dealing, Douglas was given another four and a half years in jail for drug possession while in prison. The tough sentence was more than twice what prosecutors had asked for, reports the New York Post.

Woman Burned Alive for Being Kind

If Jerome Isaac was unhappy with how his boss treated him, he could have called a NYC employment law attorney. Instead, the maniac allegedly set fire to his former employer, killing her in the elevator where she lived.

Delores Gillespie was a well-loved resident in her Brooklyn neighborhood, reports the New York Post. She was known to have a kind heart, and her kindness showed when she let a down-on-his-luck Isaac perform work around her Prospect Heights apartment.

Drunk Cop Drives 8 Miles Wrong Way on LI Freeway

An allegedly drunk NYPD cop Candice Smith amazingly drove eight miles the wrong way down a Long Island highway without causing an accident. The off-duty copy was stopped when a Good Samaritan blocked her path, and she was charged with a DUI after blowing a 0.17 on a Breathalyzer test.

Smith was allegedly driving south on the northbound lanes of the Sagtikos Parkway, reports the New York Post. The Good Samaritan, Eric Minkoff, drove on the opposite lane of the highway and ended up driving side by side with the drunk cop with the median between them.

18 New Yorkers Arrested for Workers' Comp Fraud

In a sweeping investigation, 18 people in 13 New York counties were arrested for workers’ comp fraud. None of the fraud cases were related, and anyone who has ever engaged in fraud may want to have their NYC criminal lawyer on speed dial as the investigation targeted everyday employees who allegedly took advantage of the system and not high-level multi-million dollar fraud schemes.

State officials called the workers’ comp fraud a crime against every honest New Yorker who pays taxes and has to bear the higher financial burden due to the fraud, reports the Insurance Journal.

Former Owner of Brooklyn Heights Cinema Guilty of Fraud

Norman Adie, the former owner of Brooklyn Heights Cinema, has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $500,000 from investors and could go to jail for 80 years.

Adie allegedly concocted a scheme where he conned investors to give him their money in bogus development plans including building condos on the site of the twin-screen theater in Brooklyn, reports the New York Post.

NY Library President Pleads Guilty to DWI

The New York Public Library president Anthony Marx may have used his library cataloguing skills to find himself a good NYC DUI Attorney. Faced with an aggravated DUI charge and possible one year prison term, the library president was able to get himself out of jail time completely and ended up only having to pay a nominal fine, reports the New York Post.

Last month, Marx was arrested as he drove a library-owned Audi in reverse into a parked truck on East Harlem. Debunking the myth that all library employees are bookworms who've never tasted alcohol, Marx tested for a blood alcohol level of 0.19, more than twice the legal limit in New York, reports the Post.

Clarence Young Kills Wife Over Louis Vuitton?

Usually when a consumer product leads to death, family members will want to contact a Manhattan product liability attorney or a New York City products liability lawyer. But while a Louis Vuitton purse may have ultimately led to Tracey Young’s death, family members will probably be speaking to a NYC criminal lawyer first.

Retired NYPD cop Clarence Young was apparently cash-strapped, but ham-strung with a high-priced wife, reports the New York Post. When the stress over picking the right Christmas gift was too much for the muscled 49-year-old man, he shot his wife ten times.

Jon Corzine to Plead Fifth Re Missing $1.2 Billion?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. Congress is looking into the Jon Corzine MF Global collapse, but the former New Jersey governor says he will not invoke his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Still, despite not pleading the fifth, it’s unlikely that lawmakers will get any answers from Corzine.

Congress has opened up hearings looking into MF Global’s collapse and the missing $1.2 billion of investor funds, reports the New York Post. The securities firm filed for bankruptcy in October and there are a swarm of questions as to why the firm collapsed and what happened to investors’ money in the firm.

Queens Man Blogs About and Then Shoots Estranged Wife

This summer, Guerino Annarumma blogged that his estranged wife was "going to pay for whatever [she] did." He added that he "don't play no games" before saying "bye bye bye," reports the New York Post.

What fueled Annarumma's rant was that he suspected his wife, Olga Annarumma, had married him solely for the Green Card. After earning the right to stay, the wife apparently wanted nothing to do with the husband and filed for divorce, reports the Post.

And so hours before the couple's divorce hearing, Guerino Annarumma shot his immigrant wife and her adult daughter. The daughter was killed and Olga Annarumma is hanging on to life.

Pit Lounge Bouncer Killed by Gunman

A bouncer at the notorious Pit Lounge in the Bronx was killed by a patron who had earlier been kicked out of the club. The Pit Lounge has its share of past criminal troubles, and the Pit Lounge bouncer murder may spell the end of the nightclub.

Terrence Drayton, a 26-year-old father of two, was shot through the neck early Sunday morning, reports the New York Post. The police believe that the shot was intended for another bouncer and that Drayton was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Italian Woman Killed By Possessed Bronx Man?

Man stabs and strangles woman he used to date. Then he tries to stab and kill himself. Now he says he was possessed in a note confessing the killing.

Bakary Camara, 41, once dated 36-year-old Italian immigrant Rita Morelli, reports the New York Daily News. It’s not clear how long they dated, or when they broke up, but on November 23rd Camara killed Morelli by strangling her and stabbing her in the throat and chest.