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18 New Yorkers Arrested for Workers' Comp Fraud

In a sweeping investigation, 18 people in 13 New York counties were arrested for workers’ comp fraud. None of the fraud cases were related, and anyone who has ever engaged in fraud may want to have their NYC criminal lawyer on speed dial as the investigation targeted everyday employees who allegedly took advantage of the system and not high-level multi-million dollar fraud schemes.

State officials called the workers’ comp fraud a crime against every honest New Yorker who pays taxes and has to bear the higher financial burden due to the fraud, reports the Insurance Journal.

Of the 18 accused of the fraud, some of those include:

  • Charles Foster of Albany County who collected $22,800 in benefits after hurting his leg, but was still able to work while collecting benefits when investigators discovered that he was managing a storage facility and scrap metal business on the side.

  • Lee Kittle of Schenectady County who collected $22,600 in compensation after suffering an injury, but continued to work as a tutor at a community college.

  • John Czechowski of Erie County who collected $12,000 after he was classified as totally disabled, though he worked off the books for a contracting company.

  • Kemberlei Senke of Onondaga County who collected $26,000. The investigation claimed that she inflated her pay and employment status to collect more money.

In New York, insurance fraud can be considered a felony and those found guilty of committing the crime in the first degree face up to 25 years in jail. As workers' comp fraud can be complicated, especially regarding what employment activities you may or may not engage in while collecting benefits, you should contact a New York City Workers' Comp lawyer if you have any questions.

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