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Cory Gunz Arrested on Guns Charges

Life imitating art: Rapper Cory Gunz arrested for criminal possession of a gun. MTV Son of a Gun star Peter Cory Pankey — better known as Cory Gunz — was arrested in the Bronx over the weekend after he was found with a loaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun.

Police had received a complaint that two men were fighting on the corner of Boynton and Westchester Avenues, close to where Gunz lived, reports the New York Post. When police rushed to the scene, the men took off. The police canvassed the area and eventually arrested Gunz as he fit the description of one of the suspects.

Good Day New York Greg Kelly In Rape Claim

Fox 5’s Good Day New York host Greg Kelly is being investigated for suspicions that he raped a woman in October. In the Greg Kelly rape claim, the TV host allegedly met a woman on the street, had a few drinks with her, and then raped her in the law office where she worked.

It’s unclear why the purported victim waited three months before filing a police report, but the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is now investigating the claim. Kelly’s father is the NYPD police commissioner, reports the New York Post.

Rikers Island Fight Club Gets 3rd Prison Guard

This may have made a better movie. A third prison guard was convicted of operating a fight club at Rikers Island. Unlike the movie Fight Club, in which bored, everyday people participated in voluntary beatings of each other, this fight club involved inmates beating on other inmates who had no desire to fight.

Denise Albright, 45, was sentenced to one year in jail for the assault of Christopher Robinson that led to his death. Apparently Robinson, an 18-year-old inmate, was considered a troublemaker in jail, and prison guards allowed inmates to beat him up in exchange for more favorable treatment by the guards.

Michael Mele Pleads Guilty to Killing Laura Garza

A young woman from a small town in Texas moves to New York with aspirations of becoming a dancer. Six months into her dream, the young woman, 25-year-old Laura Garza, meets the son of a deputy police chief, Michael Mele, at a Manhattan club.

After the long trek to Mele's Orange County apartment -- 60 miles away from the city -- Garza sees signs that Mele may have another girlfriend and freaks out, wanting Mele to drive her back. It's late, Mele doesn't want to, and so he chokes the young woman to death. Mele admitted the crime this week and agreed to go to jail for 23 years, reports the New York Post.

Alleged Harlem Flasher Has Job Working with Youth

Andrew McFall was arrested for exposing himself to a young girl as she walked to school in Harlem. The 41-year-old McFall allegedly followed the 11-year-old girl down West 120th Street and shouted profanities at her before opening up his trench coat and exposing himself.

What makes this story even worse? The alleged Harlem flasher works at the city's Department of Youth and Community Development and was previously an executive at the Boys and Girls Club, reports the New York Post.

Disgraced 'Mount Sinai Lab Rat' Flees Back to Iran

At least taxpayers will save the money of hiring a New York City immigration lawyer to deport the "Mount Sinai Lab Rat."

Dr. Mohsen Hosseinkhani is accused of felony burglary charges for sabotaging cardiology experiments after losing a hospital cardiology fellowship at the Cardiovascular Research Center in Manhattan, reports the New York Post. But instead of facing his charges in court, the disgraced doctor has reportedly fled back to his native Iran.

Kid Gets Probation for Throwing Shopping Cart on Woman

When boys behave badly, parents often excuse their behavior by saying "boys will be boys." While it may be okay for parents to say this, is it appropriate for the court to adopt the same forgiving stance especially when the boys at issue caused brain damage to a victim?

In October, 12-year-old Raymond Hernandez and 13-year-old Jiovanni Rosario were goofing off in a multi-story parking lot and caused a catastrophic shopping cart accident. The two boys took goofing off too far, and decided to throw a shopping cart down four stories onto an unsuspecting woman, reports the New York Post.

Wu-Tang Clan Murder for Hire?

If you don't know the Wu-Tang Clan, this is a case involving criminal law and not something that will involve a New York City Immigration Lawyer.

A recently-released, 94-page FBI document outlining the alleged crimes of Wu-Tang Clan co-founder Ol' Dirty Bastard may have a positive effect on the group's street cred, but negative consequences for the group's legal problems.

Bank Robber Dapper Bandit Finally Caught in Brooklyn

Bank tellers breathe a sigh of relief. The Dapper Bandit was arrested. Big banks and their New York City workers' compensation lawyers now have one less workplace hazard to worry about.

The Dapper Bandit, also known as Dana Connor, is a life-long bank robber notoriously known for robbing banks while dressed as if attending a business meeting. Usually handing over a demand note and flashing a gun, the bank robber made off with thousands of dollars in a recent crime spree, reports the New York Post.

Taxi Cab Rape Suspect Arrested

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Young women in New York faced the tough decision between driving drunk and getting arrested (thus needing a NYC DUI Attorney) or calling a cab and risk being sexually assaulted.

Perhaps that decision has been made easier with the recent news that cab driver Gurmeet Singh was arrested in connection with a string of taxi cab rapes.

Bronx DA Arrested for DUI

A Bronx assistant district attorney was arrested for a DUI early one morning last week.

The assistant DA, Rafael Urena, was pulled over at a routine DUI checkpoint set up between First and Second Avenues in Manhattan. The 26-year-old Urena was barely above the legal limit, blowing a 0.081 on a Breathalyzer. When asked if he knew how the Breathalyzer device worked, the young attorney allegedly responded, “Yeah, I know what it is; I’m a Bronx assistant district attorney,” reports the New York Post.

Pro Skateboarder Jerome Rogers Arrested for Criminal Mischief

In the vein of the X Games, pro skateboarder Jerome Rogers takes everything to the extreme. And so, it is being reported that Jerome Rogers was arrested at a Manhattan hotel following an apparent drug fueled naked rampage.

Last week at the Shelburne hotel in Manhattan, the California-based skateboarder is said to have gone berserk, in the buff, reports the New York Post. The heavily tattooed 26-year-old Rogers was caught in the nude, smashing paintings in the hotel's hallway. At the time of his rampage, Rogers was allegedly yelling about how he was the son of God, leading some to believe he was under the influence of drugs.

NYPD School Safety Worker Busted for Drug Dealing

NYPD school safety agent Donald Gibbs is in a whole lot of trouble. The officer ensured with keeping students safe, has himself been arrested for allegedly selling drugs in front of a residential building in Queens.

Details are still scarce, but The Associated Press reports that the 47-year-old man was charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. It was reported that he does not yet have an attorney.

Naisha Sutton Sentenced for Fatal Car Accident

The value of hiring a good New York City criminal lawyer.

What criminal penalty would you expect for Naisha Sutton, the 26-year-old woman who drove without a license, made an illegal turn, struck and killed a motorcyclist, and then fled the scene? If you guessed years and years, guess again.

Ray Lengend Implicated in New Year's Molotov Cocktail Attacks

On New Year’s Day, there was a series of fire bombings around the city that involved crudely made Molotov cocktails. Because some of the targets of the firebombings involved Islamic centers, there was a belief that the Molotov cocktail attacks could have been a hate-crime against Muslims or immigrants.

But instead of an act that could have beenrequired a New York City immigration lawyer, NYPD found out this was simply an act of petty revenge, reports the New York Post.

Hate Crime Subway Pusher Faces Life if Competent and Sane

That's one big "if."

Though Erika Menendez, 31, has the rap sheet of a career criminal, and though she is accused of pushing a Hindu man to his death on the subway tracks because she "hate[s] Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers," there are many signs that point to an under-supervised and under-medicated mentally-ill woman. According to The New York Times, she has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, ostensibly to determine her competency for trial.