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Chales Ann Pleads Not Guilty to Running Over Girlfriend

Charles Ann pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend in Bergen County. Last week, the 26-year-old Ann allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend, 25-year-old art student Aena Hong, when he then ran her over with his car repeatedly, killing her.

It’s not clear what the couple were arguing about, but they were spotted on the street having an intense verbal fight. Things appeared to settle as Ann returned to his car and looked to have driven off. But authorities say that he entered a parking lot where he then circled back to the scene of the argument, reports the New York Post.

Robert Kennedy Son Arrested for Hospital Fight

Robert Kennedy’s son was arrested and now faces charges of harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Douglas Kennedy was at a Westchester hospital to see his newborn child. Apparently, Kennedy wanted to take his baby out for a walk and there was a misunderstanding over whether he could take the baby out of the maternity unit, reports the New York Post.

Racetrack Comp Card Scheme Nets Several Arrests

If you've ever been to a casino, you may think that comp cards are a good thing. If a casino gives you one of these cards, this is your key to the front of the lines, free buffets, tickets to shows, and even free hotel rooms.

Comp cards have real value, so a pair of employees at the Aqueduct Racino were caught in a casino comp card scheme where they allegedly traded these cards to gamblers for real money.

And if not for their stupidity, the fraudsters probably would never have been caught.

Monaco Heir's Jaw Broken in Royal Brawl

European scenesters and royalty duke it out with business owner over who could have the best table at Meatpacking District club. As a result of the royal brawl, Monaco heir Prince Pierre Casiraghi ends up with a broken jaw, while business owner Adam Hock faces criminal charges.

Hock joined several friends including three top supermodels at the club Double Seven early Saturday morning, reports the New York Post. The group was seated at the club owner's personal table, the best table in the house, and had $500 Grey Goose bottle service.

Bronx Man Linked to 3 Sex Attacks to Walk Free?

Brian Brockington’s DNA matched three separate sex attacks in 1993, 1997, and 2003, but the Bronx man will walk free after a string of mistakes by prosecutors and evidentiary problems.

Brockington was only associated with the crimes in 2007 when he was taken into custody on an unrelated matter and his DNA matched the sex attacks, reports the New York Post. He has been in jail since his 2007 arrest, but, for various reasons, Brockington is expected to be released from jail soon.

Mob Wives and Bonanno Associate to Answer for Murder?

Reality TV with a bit of reality to it. Hector Pagan, the ex-husband of Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, may have to answer to criminal charges for his role in the robbery-murder of Luchese family associate, James Donovan.

Pagan was formerly a Bonanno crime associate and allegedly took part in the killing of Donovan in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn in July 2010, reports the New York Post.

No Criminal Charges Against Greg Kelly

Last week the story broke that Good Day, New York host Greg Kelly was accused of rape by a woman he met on the street. The story was sensational as it involved a young, would-be model who claimed she was taken advantage of by the popular television host.

However, as more details were revealed, the accuser’s story soon fell apart, reports the New York Post. Just a few days after the initial charge, the Manhattan prosecutor’s office announced it will not be seeking charges in the Greg Kelly rape claim.

Wrestler Kills Mugger in Newark

Be careful who you mug, or you could wind up the victim of a “wrestler kills mugger” headline. Gian Davis was a would-be mugger who chose the wrong marks. Over the weekend, Davis allegedly tried to steal a cellphone from a college student. The college student’s friend was a former high school wrestler and he was able to choke the mugger — to his death — reports the New York Post.

The 30-year-old Davis approached the students and reportedly asked them for money. The students refused and Davis then tried to grab one of the student’s phones, putting the student in a headlock.

Brian Cashman Stalker in Rikers Island Awaiting Trial

Brian Cashman stalker drama. Last year, married Yankees general manager Brian Cashman allegedly had a short-lived affair with Louise Meanwell. The 36-year-old woman apparently had a hard time letting go of Cashman (or any other man she has been involved with) following the tryst and stalked and extorted the Yankees GM, reports the New York Post.

As a result, Meanwell is now in Rikers Island facing stalking charges and remains in jail as she is unable to raise funds to pay her $250,000 bail.

Credit Suisse Fraud: Two Traders Plead Guilty to Fraud

It's taken some time, but financial executives and traders who have remained largely unscathed following the 2008 financial crisis are finally facing criminal penalties for the role they played in the historic economic collapse.

Two former Credit Suisse Group traders pleaded guilty for the roles they played in the collapse last week. One trader admitted to falsifying books in an effort to artificially supporting the price of securities backed by mortgages and hiding losses as the housing market plunged, reports the New York Post. Another trader admitted to conspiracy. While these traders deal with their criminal charges, the senior executives who oversaw the alleged Credit Suisse fraud have so far not faced criminal charges.

Mob Turncoat Could Be Released from Jail Following Deal

Dominick Cicale faced two life terms in jail for two killings he admitted to committing while a captain in the Bonanno crime family. Faced with losing his freedom forever, the mob captain made a deal with federal prosecutors and turned rat on his boss — Vincent Basciano, also known as Vinny Gorgeous.

Now the Bonanno mob turncoat may be released from jail next year, while his former boss has already been sentenced to consecutive life terms in prison, reports the New York Daily News.