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Monaco Heir's Jaw Broken in Royal Brawl

European scenesters and royalty duke it out with business owner over who could have the best table at Meatpacking District club. As a result of the royal brawl, Monaco heir Prince Pierre Casiraghi ends up with a broken jaw, while business owner Adam Hock faces criminal charges.

Hock joined several friends including three top supermodels at the club Double Seven early Saturday morning, reports the New York Post. The group was seated at the club owner's personal table, the best table in the house, and had $500 Grey Goose bottle service.

Twenty-four-year-old Casiraghi, the third-in-line to the Monaco throne, and his friends including Paris Hilton ex- Stavros Niarchos were apparently not accustomed to not having the very best tables and the very best girls and became belligerent with Hock and his friends, reports the Post

The royal group drank from Hock's bottle of vodka and were said to have acted like boors, as Hock tells the Post. When Hock said that he got up to leave, he was blind-sided when someone struck him in the back with a bottle.

Hock then reportedly lost it, knocking out the Monaco heir with one punch that broke his jaw, and then punching three others in his group.

The 47-year-old Adam Hock was arrested and faces criminal charges. He likely faces misdemeanor assault charges and could face up to one year in jail if convicted. Cops are reviewing the footage, but the business owner maintains that he was acting in self-defense.

If it is determined that Hock was hit first and threatened by the royal party led by Prince Pierre Casiraghi, he may avoid criminal penalties if his response was found to be “reasonable” under the law.

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