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Racetrack Comp Card Scheme Nets Several Arrests

If you've ever been to a casino, you may think that comp cards are a good thing. If a casino gives you one of these cards, this is your key to the front of the lines, free buffets, tickets to shows, and even free hotel rooms.

Comp cards have real value, so a pair of employees at the Aqueduct Racino were caught in a casino comp card scheme where they allegedly traded these cards to gamblers for real money.

And if not for their stupidity, the fraudsters probably would never have been caught.

Moises Jones and Rolanda Roberts were arrested for allegedly creating and distributing almost 200 fake comp cards worth about $100 each, reports the New York Post. They were busted because they used their employee identification numbers to create the phony cards, which they traded to select gamblers for a portion of their winnings.

Given how the cards were created, it didn't take long for casino authorities to trace the scheme back to Jones and Roberts and they now face charges of grand larceny, and could face up to seven years in prison if convicted, reports the Post. Some players who had allegedly knowingly used the fake cards were also arrested and charged with crimes.

Comp cards are not necessarily a good thing, as any experienced gambler can tell you. Comp cards get you to stay at the casino or race track longer, where the odds are, you eventually will lose more money. In the case of Moises Jones and Rolanda Roberts, the two employees involved in the casino comp card scheme, the comp cards may cost them a lot more than just money.

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