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Chelsea Florist Killed by Prostitutes?

Chelsea florist John Laubach was found dead in his home bound to his bed and gagged. At the time, it was not reported what killed Laubach and the possible motives ranged from sex play gone bad, to residential burglary.

Now NYC detectives believe they have a motive and have two suspects in custody. It appears that Laubach had hired two young men "to look after him" and sometime during the apparent gay sex encounter, the two men decided to kill and rob him.

The two suspects are both ex-cons with lengthy rap sheets. Thirty-year-old Edwin Faulkner and 26-year-old Juan Carlos Martinez-Herrera are both in police custody and are tied to the death and robbery of Laubach, writes the New York Post.

Laubach was known to bring young men to his apartment and there were no signs of forced entry on the day of his death, reports the Post. Police say that Laubach had hired Faulkner and Herrera for a little bit of money to "take care of him." Somewhere along the line, the two men allegedly bound Laubach's hands with duct tape, covered his mouth with tape, and tied him to a bedpost. The exact cause of Laubach's death is still unclear.

If Faulkner and Herrera are charged in Laubach's death, they face murder in the second degree charges and could be imprisoned for life. A severe penalty for a takeaway of a laptop and credit cards.

Police finally made two arrests in the strange death of Chelsea florist John Laubach. Ex-cons Edwin Faulkner and Juan Carlos Martinez-Herrera could land in prison for a very long time if convicted.

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