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Former Miss Russia Prescription Pill Problem Persists

The former Miss Russia and 1998 Miss Universe finalist (which makes her the second most beautiful woman in the world that year?), Anna Malova, has been having trouble with the drug rehab program that her prescription pill legal problems led her to, reports New York Post.

In fact, she allegedly slapped a female patient at the Bronx rehab program, and made unauthorized trips to the fridge. Her lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, tried to explain to the Manhattan Criminal Court that she is struggling with the program.

But Anna Malova has to get through the program, otherwise her pill prescription fraud and shoplifting indictment could potentially have her facing jail time.

What’s even worse is that if she messes around too much she might lose out the exception the prosecutor made for her. Most people, to get into the drug program, have to plead guilty. But Malova didn’t. Instead, she was allowed into the program without pleading guilty, because she might have been deported otherwise.

Anna Malova should know about the dangers of prescription drugs, though, because back in Russia, she was a physician. She has been linked romantically to George Soros and to the comedian Garry Shandling (not simultaneously, mind you).

Her case raises the interesting issue that a great number of Americans don’t think about when it comes to criminal law — which is that criminal law and immigration law are connected. Often times, being found guilty for even minor crimes can have a deleterious effect on your ability to stay in America.

If you are a recent immigrant and not a citizen you must be even more vigilant in getting a New York criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of a crime.

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