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Morgan Stanley Broker Identified with Upper East Side Madame

Last week, Anna Gristina was arrested and charged with running a brothel for the rich in the Upper East Side. At the time of her arrest, an unidentified Morgan Stanley broker was allegedly with the accused Madame.

Now, that broker has been identified as David Spencer Walker, a long-time Wall Street veteran, and it is being reported that the two were discussing financing for a new business venture.

So is the newest hot IPO a whore house?

Apparently, Walker and Gristina were discussing setting up an online dating service that would have rivaled, reports The New York Times. The specifics of the business plan were not reported, but as we are dealing with an alleged Upper East Side Madame and Wall Street types, some kind of high-priced call girl service is not unimaginable.

David Walker has not been taken into custody and has not been charged with any crimes, reports The Times. However, if it is determined that he was a potential customer of Gristina, he could face criminal misdemeanor charges for patronizing a prostitute.

If the investigation turns out that Walker and Gristina had bigger plans to finance and create an illegal call girl service, the Wall Street broker could face felony charges of promoting prostitution.

David Spencer Walker was identified as the Morgan Stanley broker with Anna Gristina at the time of her arrest. So far he has not been charged with any crimes, but the circumstances of the arrest suggest that more was going on than a simple chat.

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