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Rapist Adam Wright Gets 47 Years After Telling Victim to 'Let it Go'

Representing himself at the Brooklyn child rape sentencing hearing, convicted rapist Adam Wright cross-examined his victim and told her to embrace God and “let it go” in arguing for a light prison sentence. By “it”, Wright was referring to his 2002 rape of the 12-year-old girl on a Brooklyn rooftop.

Ten years ago, the 44-year-old Wright followed the preteen girl into her apartment building, reports the New York Post. He then took her up to the rooftop of the building where he raped her in an elevator equipment room. After the rape was done, he let the girl get dressed before he raped her again.

Wright was not charged with the child rape until 2008, when he was arrested for carrying an open container of alcohol and DNA evidence linked him to the crime, reports the Post.

Wright represented himself at the criminal trial and had turned down a 15-year plea deal. Instead, he went to trial with the argument that he had found God, that the victim should forgive him and "learn to let go," and that he wanted to set a good example for his seven children.

Not allowing the rapist hide behind God and sermons that his victim should "learn" to forgive him, the judge sentenced him Wright to 47 years behind bars.

Adam Wright chose to represent himself in the Brooklyn child rape of a 12-year-old girl. He made ridiculous arguments about his new-found belief in God and lectured his victim on forgiveness. He now could face the rest of his natural life behind bars.

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