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Man Arrested For Burying Daughter Under Home

Dennis L. Adler, 57, of New Jersey, was arrested earlier this week and charged with second-degree disturbing of human remains by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office. A cleaning crew was working at his former home when they discovered his daughter's remains, reports NBC New York.

The investigation has so far brought to light some gruesome details. The daughter, Kimberly Adler, was likely 23 when she died. Officials think Kimberly Adler died more than three years ago. The investigators also discovered that her remains had been stored inside the house for some time before being moved to the crawl-space under the house.

This modern Hitchcockian tale is not yet over by any means. The cause of death is still under investigation. Kimberly was never reported missing, but the identity of the remains was confirmed by her brother via Facebook, according to ABC News.

One pressing question is, if this is second-degree disturbing of human remains, what constitutes first-degree?

Well, first-degree does not seem to exist. Second-degree disturbing of human remains can be charged if someone (1) unlawfully disturbs, removes, or conceals human remains, (2) Unlawfully desecrates or destroys human remains, or (3) commits an act of sexual penetration or sexual contact. Third-degree is simply not burying or disposing of remains properly. At least one of those second-degree charges really ought to be promoted to first-degree.

According to the New Jersey statutes, if a suspect in a situation like this never moved concealed a dead body, he would be charged with a third-degree crime. Here, police believe that Dennis Adler concealed his daughter's remains under the house, so he has been charged with a second-degree offense for concealing the remains.

More details are sure to emerge from this odd and disturbing tale.

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