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Hot Dogs and Happy Endings: Vendor Arrested for Prostitution

At least it wasn't an ice cream truck. That would be weird.

Catherine Scalia, presumably of no relation to the esteemed Supreme Court justice, has been arrested again for selling sex-acts with her sausages, reports the New York Post. Scalia has apparently been an unlicensed hot dog vendor (and prostitute) for years, as she was arrested for the exact same crime eight years ago.

Her neighbors state that she would sell hot dogs out of her RV, while dressed either in underwear or bikinis. Certain patrons of her culinary delights would emerge from the trailer with a smile on their face. She would also hand out business cards for non-culinary services, reports the Post.

This time, after selling a couple of hot dogs and a water (for only $5) to the undercover officers, she offered her “additional services.” According to her business card, she provides one on one strip teases, entertainment for bachelor parties, and topless cleaning services.

According to the report, after striking a deal on the price, the multi-talented woman took the officer back to her place and performed a striptease for $100. She then agreed to ‘manually stimulate’ him for an extra $50.

The penalty for the more serious offense, unlicensed mobile food vending, is $1,000.

As for her other offense, prostitution carries up to three months in prison and a fine of up to $500. The statute defines prostitution as “sexual conduct” for money, which though vague, probably includes manual stimulation, as the court has even held that certain clothed physical contact can qualify.

There is no word yet on the future of her mobile hot dog business, or its loyal customer base. Though her family has yet to spring her from the joint, they might want to consider getting her a Manhattan criminal lawyer before her stock of sausages goes bad.

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