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Another Day, Another Student Teacher Tryst

Is it getting to the point where it's no longer news? English teacher Erin Sayar, 35, and married, allegedly carried on an affair with a 16-year-old student, Kevin Eng, reports the New York Daily News.

CBS New York did a story last week on the fourteen school employees that have been arrested in the last three months for sexual misconduct. Fox 8 New York is covering a story in which a student won a $500 bet that he could hook up with his teacher before his five friends.

It's a bit much.

Sayar and Eng were outed by, what else, Facebook, after Eng's girlfriend got jealous of his apparent schoolboy crush and hacked his account.

So, at least eight frolics, numerous Facebook flirtations, and nearly 4,000 text messages later, the relationship comes to an end. There was also evidence that she, gasp, smoked the reefer with the young scholar.

The only two reasons this story somewhat unusual is that Sayar was making $78,885 per year and that the school has a history of teacher trysts. Seriously, at that pay rate, why in the name of crippling student loan debt hell, did we go to law school?

As for the school's twisted tryst trends, in 2009, two attractive romance language teachers were allegedly caught in a lesbian frolic, which they still maintain was a diabetic seizure, reports CBS. Another teacher was put under investigation the next day for an unrelated relationship with an of-age student.

What if this had happened next door, in Jersey? In New York, the age of consent is 17. In NJ, it's 16. However, in New Jersey, there's an exception to the age of consent that prohibits those in a position of authority, such as a teacher, from sleeping with their subordinate students.

Erin Sayar was arraigned today on rape and sexual misconduct charges. The rape charge is for someone over 21 having intercourse with someone under 17. The sexual misconduct charge is for oral sex between the same age parameters.

Both charges are class E felonies, which can carry a penalty of up to four years imprisonment if convicted.

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