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Broken Bottles and Bloody Chins: Drake, Brown Fight Over Rihanna?

While it may not have the street cred of the Biggie and Tupac feud, Drake and Chris Brown's mutual dislike should prove to be interesting. Both were drinking at the same bar. Both have been, or perhaps currently are, involved with Rhianna.

Alcohol and broken hearts apparently means broken bottles and bloody chins, reports the New York Post.

Besides being known for his music, Chris Brown is known for domestic violence against Rhianna. That ended their star romance and put him on probation. However, according to the celebrity-stalking TMZ, they have been spending a lot of time together in public and have done a couple of songs together recently, including the Birthday Cake remix (warning: explicit lyrics).

Drake's connection to "RiRi" (what an awful nickname) is that, according to the Post, he had a relationship with her in the aftermath of the Chris Brown beatings.

Back at the club, Brown reportedly decided to be the bigger man and had a bottle of champagne sent to Drake. It was returned, with a note that stated, "I'm still f___ing Rhianna."

And then the fight started. By the time police arrived, both stars were gone. However, Brown did tweet a photo of his gashed chin, along with statements referring to Drake as a "girl" for throwing bottles and references to Drake's tendency to hide behind his security and his retreat to the bathroom.

Pictures of the before, during, and after can be found at

Meanwhile, the NYPD wants to question the duo, reports CBS 2 New York. As we stated before, Brown is on probation for felony assault. He better lawyer up, quick, as is isn't unimaginable that assault charges could follow soon. Because of the magnitude of the brawl, multiple bystanders were reportedly injured, including one man who is in serious condition.

Considering the alleged bathroom-hiding behavior of Drake, Brown is facing more exposure, both in terms of criminal charges and civil liability. It's impossible to predict the charges without more details on who got hit by whom.

However, assault charges in New York range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B felony. Even the misdemeanor can result in jail time, plus complicate his probation status, so if he hit anyone, he might want to invoke his right to remain silent if questioned.

Here's hoping that the duo keep the beef in their music, instead of letting it spill out onto the streets again.

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