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More iPhone Theft: $78k Worth of Apple Gear Stolen by Ex-Cop

A byproduct of a popular product is that it has a much higher tendency to get stolen, so it is not surprising then to see an increase in smartphone thefts, especially of the iPhone. What is surprising, at least to some, is when an ex-cop hired to guard the Apple products does it, reports the New York Daily News.

Manuel DaSilva, 42, left the force a few years back after he tested positive for steroids, according to the Daily News. His new job was as a security guard for the Apple Store in SoHo. So, while he was supposed to be preventing theft, he was instead allegedly sneaking into the back and dropping armfuls of iPods, iPads, and iPhones into his car. Surveillance video caught him on six different occasions.

Never mind the law enforcement background and the respect for the law that you might foolishly assume comes with such a history. How do you work as security for a store and not know that there are security cameras watching your every move. And did you think they'd just forget about the $76,000 in equipment that disappeared under your watch?

DaSilva continued to show excellent judgment by reportedly admitting to everything when questioned. He told investigators that he sold each item for "around $500" but only stole 17 devices. Prosecutors contend that it was more like over 100. He has been arraigned on grand theft charges.

Grand theft in New York carries steep penalties, depending on the value of the goods. For Mr. DaSilva, the value of the goods has been estimated at $76,000. Theft of over $50,000 and under $1 million is considered grand larceny in the second degree. It is a class C felony, which carries a penalty of up to fifteen years in prison.

On the bright side, at least he didn't allegedly murder his significant other over an iPhone.

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