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Serial Foot Licker In Custody; Feet of NY Children Are Safe

Is this the oddest of this year’s crimes? Even in New York, a serial children’s foot licker has to take the top prize. We’ve seen an anti-Semitic Elmo, though his conduct was more insane than criminal. There was also a lady selling hot dogs and happy endings. We’ve even written about public subway masturbators.

Anthony Parri, 49, makes those people look somewhat normal, at least, if the allegations against him are true. The New York Daily News reports that Parri was caught licking the foot of a child in a public area of the Penfield library. Another child was also victimized by the alleged serial licker.

It's also possible that there were even more victims. There have been five similar cases in nearby Pittsford and Brighton. Those cases also involved the licking of the feet of children.

According to WHAM 13, he has been charged with two first degree sex abuse charges and endangering the welfare of a child charges. Oddly enough, those charges may not be applicable per the language and definitions in the law.

A close reading of the felony sex abuse statute refers to "sexual contact", which is defined as "any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person for the purpose of gratifying sexual desire of either party."

The definition is vague, as one person's dingy sole is another's sole fantasy. However, all of the other defined terms and crimes refer quite specifically to more common sexual activity and the exact appendages and intimate parts that must be involved. Feet are never referenced.

Is this a case where one term was drafted loosely as a catch-all or is this a case where, in context, a law is being applied where it was not intended to be? It will be interesting to see if either the prosecution or defense can dig up legal precedent for foot licking as a felony.

Meanwhile, Anthony Parri might need more than a simple criminal defense attorney. If he is to be believed, it is all a conspiracy against him. President Barack Obama and the city and federal government are simply out to get him. Way to get started on the potential insanity defense early, Mr. Parri. Your future attorney appreciates it.

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