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No Murders, Shootings, Stabbings, or Slashings for an Entire Day in NYC!

Perhaps Hurricane Sandy washed away all of the bullets and knives...

For the first time in recent memory (perhaps ever?), New York City had zero shootings, zero stabbings, and zero slashings for an entire day, reports the New York Daily News. Triple zeros have never looked so good. Of course, that doesn't mean the city was free of old fashioned fisticuffs, domestic violence, or rape, but hey, there were no murders!

Seriously though, we have to give credit where credit is due. Something the NYPD has done seems to be working. In 1994, the first year that the department tracked statistics, nearly 14 people per day, or 4,967 total, were shot. This year, only about five per day or 1,514 total, were shot.

More importantly, murders plummeted from 2,245 in 1990 to 366 this year (so far). Assuming there aren’t a series of family get-togethers gone wrong during the upcoming holiday season, the number should show major progress.

Of course, a source told the Daily News that Stop and Frisk was responsible for the drop. The theory is that criminals are now aware of the increased penalties for carrying guns versus carrying knives and are choosing the latter.

Oddly enough, though stats for shootings and murders were available, stats for knife-based crimes were not. One would expect that if the department source’s theory were correct, the stats would show a rise in knife-based crime.

For the record, possessing a knife with intent to use it is a misdemeanor. So is openly holding an unloaded firearm. If that firearm is loaded or concealed, the offense becomes a felony.

According to the Daily News, the day wasn’t completely wound-free, however. One idiot teenager shot himself in the thigh. On Tuesday morning, the win streak ended when someone was gunned down.

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