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Cannibal Cop's Accomplice Arrested: He's Even More Depraved

We were wondering when Giberto Valle's accomplices would be identified. When the alleged NYPD "Cannibal Cop" was arrested, the FBI affidavit listed two co-conspirators. With one unidentified person, Valle allegedly discussed recipes for homemade chloroform and cooking a woman over a rotisserie-like device. With the other, he allegedly conspired to kidnap a woman and deliver her for the purposes of sexual assault.

Meet the alleged co-conspirator: Michael Van Hise. He was arrested last week and charged Monday with plotting a kidnapping, reports the New York Daily News.

Sounds ... almost normal in comparison to Valle, right?

Not exactly. In addition to the kidnapping for purposes of sexual assault, Van Hise is also accused of posting pictures of his wife's 7-year-old and 9-year-old nieces and offering them up for rape. He also allegedly discussed turning his 3-year-old stepdaughter into a sex slave.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the world of Darkfetishnet. It's an online community of like-minded sickos individuals who discuss their violent and bloody fetishes in a fantasy world.

You're probably wondering: Why are we punishing people for fantasies? According to the D.A., we are not. Had this twisted duo merely discussed things in a fantasy-land, they would not be on trial. (After all, the Internet is full of creepy weirdos.) Instead, Valle and Van Hise have been charged with a conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

In order to prove conspiracy, prosecutors must show some overt act in furtherance of the alleged plan. According to court documents, the overt acts included phone calls between Valle and Van Hise (spelled Vanhise in court documents) and Valle's presence on the block where the intended victim resided.

Though Valle is not named in the Van Hise complaint, and Van Hise is not named in Valle's complaint, the facts of each complaint mirror those of the other defendant. Both complaints also include conversations between the two outlining alleged plans for the kidnapping, including price negotiations.

The complaint also contains a sworn statement from an FBI investigator who claims that Van Hise admitted to being the person who sent the kidnapping emails, as well as the person who engaged in multiple conversations with other individuals about kidnapping, raping, and murdering the aforementioned minor girls. At one point, he allegedly sent pictures of the children, as well as an address near the children's actual home.

Both defendants' defense attorneys insist that the conversations, exchanged photos, and other acts were all part of the fantasy. The more real the fantasy, the bigger the turn-on. As stated before, we don't punish people for thoughts.

Van Hise's attorney also pointed out that the negotiated price for the alleged kidnapping, $5,000, was a factual impossibility because Van Hise is broke. His wife, who is well aware of his deviant fantasies, is also standing behind him, reports the Daily News.

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