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Our Readers' 10 Most-Read NY Crime Posts of 2012 (Part I of II)

2012 was, in many ways, a banner year for New York crime. The murder rate hit record lows, including a homicide-free day, while iPhones and other expensive personal electronics were heisted in increasingly high numbers. What remained constant, however, is that New York has some of the most unique criminals out there. For fans of oddball cases, they need look no further than the Empire City.

Here are our the 10 most trafficked posts of 2012:

1. NYPD Uses Facebook to Catch Criminals; Here's How They Can Do It

After the NYPD admitted to using social media to monitor suspects' accounts, we set to work researching how such a task might be accomplished. After all, many people, criminals included, have the privacy settings amped up enough to prevent public viewing of their messages. We devised one possible solution, which used fake profiles, social engineering, and man's desire for the opposite sex.

2. Monaco Heir's Jaw Broken in Royal Brawl

It's about to be a (what?) -- royal fight! That's not exactly how the song goes, but it is what happened in a New York nightclub last January. A Monacan heir met a European scenester, and fists and bottles collided. Think Chris Brown and Drake's bar fight, but more class and less collateral damage.

3. Sleeping Man Gets Unwanted Package Inspection by Seatmate

A man awakens on a plane to find another man's uninvited hand reaching up the leg of his shorts and groping his genitals. Being the legal eagles we are, we couldn't help but wonder: If a groping happens mid-flight, whose law applies? Is it the departing country? The arrival state? What about the land directly under the plane at the moment of groping? The answer is none of the above -- the feds have their own way of dealing with snakes on a plane.

4. NY Subways: Chronic Issues With Wankers, Voyoeur Photogs

From snakes on a plane to snakes on a train, New Yorkers seem to be fascinated with inappropriate sexual conduct. This post detailed a series of three sexual incidents on the subway, including some nonconsensual upskirt photography and a guy pleasuring himself in the presence of others. Gross, though we graciously spared you any embedded photos or videos.

5. Mob Wives and Bonanno Associate to Answer for Murder?

What would New York be without a little (dis)organized crime? Nothing takes down the family faster than rats fleeing a sinking ship. This post explored a few alleged mobsters' sweetheart deals that allowed them to escape lengthy sentences for murders.

That's all for today. After all, the dear citizens of Gotham are a busy bunch. We'll have the remaining five later this week.

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