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Our Readers' 10 Most-Read NY Crime Posts of 2012 (Part II of II)

Sex and murder. Though these two cardinal sins had a respectable showing in the Top 5 most-read posts of 2012, they make up the entire bottom half of that list.

We finish our review of our Top 10 crime stories of 2012 by looking at what you, our readers, read most:

6. Man Gropes Sleeping Woman on a Plane, Says She Started It

Just as we were starting to forget about the tale of the guy who awoke to find another man's hands in his pants, it happened again, less than a month later. This time, a woman awoke to find a man's hand penetrating her and his other hand groping her breast. He then asked her for a kiss. Seriously folks, don't sleep next to strangers on a plane, train, or automobile. What's the penalty for violating someone on a plane? Under federal law, it could be a life sentence.

7. Man Charged for Subway Pushing; What About the Photographer?

The New York Post made us all sick by publishing, as its cover photo, an image of a man seconds before he was hit by a train. The caption, in large font, was "DOOMED." In the photo, Ki-Suck Han is trying to climb off the tracks. Bystanders, and the photographer, stand by idly watching, perhaps scared of the murderer and perhaps simply indifferent. Many were outraged that the photographer did nothing but take a picture. Being a Bad Samaritan is not a crime, however.

8. As I Lay Dying: Former St. John's Dean Fingered By Dying Husband?

The late Cecilia Chang, former dean of St. John's University, faced a wave of legal trouble late last year before she took her own life. In addition to embezzlement charges and allegations of forcing students into indentured servitude for scholarships, the Daily News stirred up the cold case of her husband's death. Her late husband was murdered by a hit man, and on his deathbed, he blamed her. We discussed the admissibility of dying declarations in court, including recent New York court decisions that allowed the statements.

9. Another Day, Another Student Teacher Tryst

Should we even be surprised anymore when a female teacher sleeps with her male students? For all of the press it gets, it seems like it happens almost monthly, if not more often. This post detailed a number of school sex scandals, including Horndog High's latest tryst, between teacher Erin Sayer and a minor student.

10. Troubled Teen's Suicide Followed Sex Tape, Bullying

The worst comes last. A troubled teen faced teasing after rumors floated around about a sex tape featuring her and four football players. She posted a photo of herself on Twitter with "DEPRESSED" written over her eyes, then threw herself in front of a train. We covered the laws regarding nonconsensual filming and child pornography laws that deal with recording of underage sex acts.

It's been fun folks. 2012 was a fine year. In 2013, expect progress on ending stop and frisk, more subway crime, and probably a sex scandal or two.

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