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3 Ways Love Can Lead to Jail Time

Love can be a roller coaster. But it can also lead to some serious legal trouble.

In some cases, it can make a person become so overwhelmed with emotion that he or she could be charged with a crime. Just ask former tennis star Jennifer Capriati, who has been charged with battery and stalking. She's not in jail, but she will be appearing in a Florida court to answer for the alleged acts against her ex-boyfriend.

Here are three ways that love can potentially become criminal:

How to Fight Drug Possession Charges

What are some potential defenses to a drug possession charge? If the cops caught you in possession of drugs, but not necessarily taking the drugs or selling them, what are your options?

Let's talk about the crime of drug possession.

New York state law divides drug possession charges into those related to cannabis, and those related to other controlled substances.

When Hit-and-Run Leads to Manslaughter

Hit-and-run accidents can lead to severe consequences. Last week, we talked about the possible repercussions of a hit-and-run crash, such as the criminal charge of fleeing the scene of the accident.

That's only one part of a case involving a death by vehicle. If you're caught fleeing the scene of an accident that left anyone dead, you're likely to face a homicide charge.

That's the fate of Julio Acevedo of Brooklyn. He was extradited from Pennsylvania to New York in the hit-and-run death of an expectant couple and their baby, who was born after the accident but later died.

Hit-and-Run in N.Y.: Crime or Infraction? It Depends

It's been all over the news in New York: A pregnant woman and her husband were killed en route to a hospital to deliver their baby. The baby was then prematurely delivered by Cesarean section but died the next day, CBS News reports.

The alleged culprit: A hit-and-run driver.

Julio Acevedo, 44, was arrested after he surrendered to officers in Pennsylvania. His alleged crime? Leaving the scene of an accident.