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What Happens When a Child Gets Arrested?

When a child gets caught up in mischief that might actually be an illegal crime, parents often wonder: What happens when a child gets arrested?

In New York, a juvenile is age 16 or under. When juveniles are arrested, they go through the juvenile justice system.

Snatching and the City: 5 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

In an almost unbelievable turn of events, a Flushing resident used her iPhone's GPS capabilities to track it down, along with the thief who allegedly snatched it.

The luckiest woman in New York accomplished the impossible -- getting her stolen smartphone back -- with the help of the "Find My iPhone" app and the very motivated NYPD Officer Haaris M. Hamid, reports The New York Times.

For everyone else in New York City, here are five tips to keep your smartphone safe on the streets: