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10 Tips to Prevent iPhone Theft

iPhone theft is rampant in New York. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take that are practical and effective.

Here are 10 tips you may want to consider to prevent iPhone theft:

  1. Never leave your phone unattended -- ever. When you're at a cafe and need to pick up your coffee, you might be tempted to leave your phone at the table for one hot minute. Don't do it!
  2. Don't leave your phone in plain view. If you keep your phone in the car, don't leave it in a visible area. You might lose your phone and have to deal with a smashed window. Keep it in the glove compartment.
  3. Use buttons and zippers. Use purses that close completely with zippers or clasps. If you keep your phone in your jean pockets, try getting pants with deep or buttoned pockets.
  4. Be alert. Don't lose yourself in the music. Keep a buffer between yourself and those around you if you feel uneasy.
  5. Don't use those white earbuds. Those white earbuds that snake up into your ears is a classic indication that you have an Apple product in your pocket. Get a different set of headphones to throw them off.
  6. Use a clip. If you keep your iPhone in a bag or inside pocket, and can find something to clip it to, you'll be doing double duty in preventing iPhone theft. That being said...
  7. Don't use belt clips. Since the iPhone is exposed on your body and potentially easy to pull off a belt clip, keep the belt clips at home.
  8. Leave your phone at home when you're partying. Parties are crowded. Drinks get mixed. Coats get mixed. It's only natural for phones to get mixed up -- and then lost. Buy a cheap, prepaid phone devoted to late-night festivities.
  9. Password-protect your phone. Although the iPhone's password-protection feature is only four digits, it can still work to protect sensitive data on your phone.
  10. Install the Find My iPhone App. If you ignore all of the above tips, you should at the very least instal the "Find My iPhone" app. It lets you remotely erase the data on a lost iPhone or iPad.

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