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What Is New York's Stop-and-Frisk?

What is stop-and-frisk in New York? In the wake of the recent ruling in New York by a federal judge, stop-and-frisk has likely been on many New York residents' news feed radar.

Stop-and-frisk is a practice that police officers often employ wherein they stop a suspect and then pat or frisk them down for weapons and contraband. Earlier this month, a judge has ruled the state's practices unconstitutional.

What does this mean, exactly? Here's a general overview of New York's stop-and-frisk.

Leaving Kids in Your Car Can Get You Arrested

Leaving kids in your car is a crime? Actually, it is, and yes, you can get arrested for it.

Leaving your child in your car for a few minutes while you run into the store to pick up some milk, or even to drop off a letter in a mailbox, can lead to dire consequences. These acts may seem innocent, and for most parents, they're done with no harmful intentions.

But the law may not be so lenient. Regardless of your intentions or even if your young one asks to stay in your car, you can potentially get arrested.