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Federal and state law divides crimes into felonies and misdemeanors, felonies being the most serious and carrying the heaviest sentences. Felonies include mostly violent crimes such as murder and rape, but serious non-violent crimes such as drug trafficking and car theft also are considered felonies. The rule of thumb is that felonies are those crimes that carry a minimum one-year jail or prison sentence. But crimes typically treated as misdemeanors, such as DWI or petty theft, can be bumped up to felonies if they are repeat offenses or are particularly severe.

Those convicted of a felony must disclose that information to prospective employers, insurance companies and other institutions. It is a mark that a person must carry his/her whole life. A skilled New York criminal defense attorney can sometimes reduce a felony charge or otherwise help soften the blow of a client’s felony conviction.

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High Crime Areas: 3 Legal Truths

As part of Operation Impact, which also introduced the department's controversial stop-and-frisk tactics, the NYPD has assigned rookie officers to patrol high-crime areas in the city with little direct supervision.

The practice is beginning to raise questions about potential discrimination and excessive force being used against people in such areas, Al Jazeera America reports.

Here are three legal truths about high-crime areas:

Gay Spouses Get Marriage Privileges in Fed. Court

On top of marital privileges in the state, gay spouses in New York now have marriage privileges in federal courts, too.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released a memo on Monday stating that same-sex married couples should be treated the same and given the same marital privileges as opposite-sex married couples.

So what marital privileges can be used by gay couples in a criminal case?

Are Online Rap Videos Being Used as Evidence?

Alert the neighborhood: Online rap videos are being used by NYPD as evidence of gang activity.

In an effort to cut down on stop-and-frisk tactics, the NYPD is using content from rap videos made by young people associated with gang violence in order to reduce crime, reports The New York Times.

Although using online rap videos as evidence for long-term investigations by the NYPD is something new, rap videos and other YouTube videos have already been used catch criminals.

Cannibal Cop's Accomplice Arrested: He's Even More Depraved

We were wondering when Giberto Valle's accomplices would be identified. When the alleged NYPD "Cannibal Cop" was arrested, the FBI affidavit listed two co-conspirators. With one unidentified person, Valle allegedly discussed recipes for homemade chloroform and cooking a woman over a rotisserie-like device. With the other, he allegedly conspired to kidnap a woman and deliver her for the purposes of sexual assault.

Meet the alleged co-conspirator: Michael Van Hise. He was arrested last week and charged Monday with plotting a kidnapping, reports the New York Daily News.

Sounds ... almost normal in comparison to Valle, right?

Tracing the Steps of the Terrorist 'Hippy' Couple

Ahem, alleged terrorist hippies.

And "hippy" is not our descriptor, but the words of a neighbor who spoke to the Gothamist. He described Morgan Gliedman, 27, as "very friendly, very nice" and her boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, as "kind of cold, not the type of person who encouraged politeness." The two hippies, who were expecting a child, were arrested after police discovered explosives and a sawed-off shotgun in their apartment, along with a bit of reading material labeled, "The Terrorist Encyclopedia."

Whoops. Greene was indicted today on multiple felony weapons charges. Gliedman will probably be arraigned later, as she gave birth to a baby girl at St. Luke's Hospital earlier this week, reports the New York Post. In hopes that lessons can be learned from their mistakes, let's retrace the steps that brought them here.

Another Case of Illegal Butt Injections Leads to Infection, Charges

The psychological concept of narcissism, which boils down to unhealthy vanity and self-love, comes from a Greek mythological figure, Narcissus, who fell so madly in love with his own reflection on the surface of a river that he died, either from suicide or a broken, self-loving heart.

Is narcissism to blame for the rash of illegal butt injections? Vanity? Societal pressures? Whatever the reason, women and transgender individuals without the means to procure cosmetic enhancement procedures in legal, clean, and safe environments are turning more and more towards shady figures that provide the procedures needed for far less than a licensed physician.

Unfortunately, this also seems to be leading to more plastic surgery horror stories.

Bronx D.A.'s Novel Legal Strategy Fails; Gang Crime Isn't Terrorism

The highest court has spoken, and for Edgar Morales, an admitted gang member and alleged murderer, it spoke well. His conviction for the murder of a 10-year-old girl and for charges of terrorism were overturned by New York’s highest court - the Court of Appeals, reports The New York Times. In all likelihood, he’ll be retried on the murder charge, but at least for now, he is once again innocent until proven guilty.

How does gang crime and the murder of a child become terrorism? As we discussed before, Morales was one of the St. James Boys, a neighborhood gang that prosecutors argued were more interested in obtaining power than wealth. They were alleged to be behind a number of heinous crimes, including shooting into crowds, slashing rivals with knives, robbing restaurant patrons, and in the case of their youngest victim - having a shootout at a christening.

No Murders, Shootings, Stabbings, or Slashings for an Entire Day in NYC!

Perhaps Hurricane Sandy washed away all of the bullets and knives...

For the first time in recent memory (perhaps ever?), New York City had zero shootings, zero stabbings, and zero slashings for an entire day, reports the New York Daily News. Triple zeros have never looked so good. Of course, that doesn't mean the city was free of old fashioned fisticuffs, domestic violence, or rape, but hey, there were no murders!

Troubled Teen's Suicide Followed Sex Tape, Bullying

When the train arrived, Felicia Garcia, 15, said, "Finally, it's here" before she fell backwards off of the platform at the Staten Island Railway station in Huguenot. The taunts, bullying, and constant harassment over the previous weekend's mistake had become too much.

To understand why Felicia ended her life, one must go beyond the previous weekend. Both Felicia and her brother were orphaned at a young age. She ran away from her aunt's house with an older man before bouncing around the foster system. She finally found a stable foster home and her life stabilized when she enrolled at Tottenville High School, reports the New York Times.

Hurricane Sandy is Over; Prepare for the Looters

We were all pretty sure this was going to happen, right? After all, it happened after Hurricane Irene. It happened to an even larger extent after Hurricane Katrina. Even in times of disaster and tragedy, there will always be some idiots that choose to take advantage of the situation for profit.

Even before the storm made landfall, people were tweeting about their plans to loot.